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Our dynamic and interactive workshops are designed to provide women with the tools, resources and support to overcome social, emotional and physical barriers that prevent them from living their best N-Powered lives! We offer our services through in-person workshops, seminars, classes and online through webinars. Click here to We list our monthly classes




































"It was one of the best wellness workshops I’ve ever attended, and purchasing Goodbye Skinny, made me feel like I was taking my own personal trainer home. “Highly recommended  for women of all ages and sizes!”


~ L. Williams


"As a woman who's reached a high level of success, Action  beautifully illustrates the importance of understanding "Who We Are" .... and having the ability to contrast the "who I am" from the "what I do."  


Marta Rose-Thorpe | Area Director 

A Superior Air Conditioning  Company



 “Seeing and hearing a beautiful strong woman tell a room full of women how beautiful and strong they are was just mind blowing!  I wish I would of met someone like you when I was younger"


B -Adams Workshop Participant




Class Location

On-line and at various locations based on our customer needs! 


Personal Development Classes

  • Confidently You  

  • Resiliently You 

  • N-Powered to the Next Level  

  • Define Your Who, Excel Your What 


Class Duration:  1-2 hours 


Wellness Classes 

Days Offered: Tuesday and Thursdays 

  • Healthy Balanced You 

  • Don't Complicate It: Basic Nutrition Made Simple  

  • Exhale and Let It Go  


Investment: $75.00-$99.00  per class 




Times Webinars are offered

9 am PST Tuesdays and Thursdays 

Investment: $65.00 per 65 minute webinar




3 hours Investment: $299.00-$399.00

6 hours Investment: $499.99-$599.99

8 hours Investment: $699.99-$999.00 



"Her message is explosively powerful and if you weren’t in a good mood before walking into her workshop – you certainly were when you walked out. She is absolutely amazing! I am booking her for our women’s event next year.”


Denise Kendust

Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Fort Walton Beach Medical Center |Twin Cities Hospital





N-Powering Women Around the World! 

" The class was  dynamic and inspiring!  Action is on point with a concise plan to start each day for healthy living.    I am inspired to be a better me.  Thank you, Action Jackson!

~L. Lourdes

" I learned that my unhealthy lifestyle has been my choice. I am ready to make new choices now"


Healthy Balanced You Attendee 

Personal and Professional Development Classes


Confidently U !


Can you answer yes to any of the following questions? 


  • Do you desire to walk into a room more confident?


  • Do you desire to feel great about your appearance, but you don't know where or how to start? 


  • Are you ready to speak up for yourself in your personal and professional life but you’re afraid of the backlash so you keep quiet?  


If this is you, Confidently U is the class/workshop is for you!


A lack of self-confidence can hinder you from thriving in your personal and professional life! To live a N-Powered life, confidence is a MUST! 


After attending this class, you will learn the tools needed to take ownership of your voice and learn how to ask for what you want, need and desire. You will learn how to maximize your personal space and learn how to feel great from the inside out. By feeling more self-confident you will feel N-Powered to begin creating the life, health and career your desire and deserve! 



  Define Your "Who"Excel Your What


 Can you answer yes to any of the following questions?

  • Do you list off your resume and talk about "what" you do when you're first introduced to someone? 

  • Do you feel awkward sharing details about yourself that are non-work related? 

  • Do you create scripts and plan what you're going to talk about in new social settings?

  • Do you avoid social settings because you feel awkward?

​If you answered yes, this class/workshop is for you!

After attending this class, you will walk away with action steps to help you express who you are and not just what you do. You will learn how being open and vulnerable can build rapport that can lead to positive personal and business relationships.  

Resiliently You


Can you answer yes to any of the following questions? 

  • Do you desire to learn how to fight for your dreams despite adversity and disappointments?  

  • Are you ready to learn how to use your past struggles to propel you in your career, life and business? 

  • Are you tired of past failures holding you back? 

  • Are you ready to move to the next level but you can’t get unstuck?


If you answered yes, this class/workshop is for you!


Resilience isn't something you're born with, it is something you're taught.

After attending this class, you will walk away with action steps to move forward in life despite disappointment and setbacks. You will learn how to see struggles as catalysts for change and fuel to create a never quit mindset that when applied with the right strategy can help you reach any goal in life!  



Wellness Classes

Don't Complicate
Healthy Eating for The Woman on the Go! 

Can you answer yes, to any of the following questions? 

  • Do you regularly skip breakfast and eat larger meals at the end of the day? 

  • Is coffee your go to energy booster when you need a pick me up?  

  • Do you eat out on a consistent basis because you don't have time to plan, shop and cook healthy meals? 

  • Do you desire to lose weight and feel great about your body again?

​If you answered yes, this class/workshop is for you! 


Today's modern woman is juggling work, family, community and other responsibilities leaving little to no room for healthy eating and self-care. This results in excess weight, limited mental and physical energy! 

After attending this class/workshop, you will discover quick and affordable ways to shop, plan and cook healthy meals, how to eat healthy on the go and how to un-complicate healthy eating in your life!  

Goodbye Skinny, Hello Size Healthy

Can you answer yes to any of the following questions? 

  • Do you stress over the numbers on the scale and ready to learn a healthier way to love your body? 

  • Are you always on a diet hoping to get skinny or thinner? 

  • Are you tired of forcing your body to become a size it was never created to become? 

  • Are you ready to feel more energized and happy within your skin?


If you answered yes, this class/workshop is for you!


​Skinny has been the rock-star of women's conversations for years. However, skinny doesn't equate to healthy and it is time for women to change this narrative. 

After attending this class/workshop, you will understand your unique body type, discover why being a size healthy is the most important size and you will learn how to create a new narrative around loving and respecting your body from the inside out! 

              Healthy Balanced You


Can you answer yes to any of the following questions?


  • Do you feel overworked, overwhelmed over committed in life?

  • Do you desire help but you're afraid asking for help will make you look weak? 

  • Do you say yes to things when you really want to say no?

  • Are you always busy but you’re not getting meaningful and passionate work completed?


If you answered yes, this class/workshop is for you!


At times, balance can seem unattainable, unmanageable and out of reach. The responsibility of managing career, business and life responsibilities can lead to mental, physical and emotional burnout with little to no room for self-care and relaxation.


After attending this class, workshop you will have the tools to set personal and professional boundaries, discover how to use your voice to ask for what you need, want and desire and you will learn how to become the best asset in your life, career and business!

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