Yes Girls Lift: A Girl’s Guide to Becoming Fit, Confident and Strong

Yes Girls Lift: A Girl’s Guide to Becoming Fit, Confident and Strong


Girls’ Confidence and Self-Esteem Crisis 


According to a Dove Self-Esteem Study entitled “Real Girls, Real Pressure” (2008), there is a self-esteem crisis among girls in the United States. This study revealed low self-esteem can complicate a girl’s ability to perform well in school and affects her personal relationships. 


The Media Affects Our Girls’ Self-Esteem and Healthy Living.


Images flaunting unattainable bodily perfection and beauty can be seen throughout social media and advertisements on a daily basis. Research suggests over 2000 beauty images a day can be seen. These unrealistic depictions of beauty threaten the self-esteem and healthy living of our future female leaders. In more ways than one, this is unacceptable and it’s time for a change! 


Empowered Healthy Living and Healthy Eating Make a Strong and Confident Girl.


Throughout the pages of “Yes Girls Lift”, Fitness Olympian and 3- Time National Physique Committee Fitness Champion, “In Weekly’s Best Trainer on The Gulf Coast 2016”, Laticia “Action” Jackson uses exercise as a tool to help build healthy, strong and confident girls! She teaches girls how to understand the uniqueness and specialness of their body. The 3-Time National Physique Committee Fitness Champion explains the importance of healthy eating. “Yes Girls Lift” teaches girls how to say nice and affirming things about themselves and other girls to empower girls with the confidence to not allow images in magazines or on television to determine their unique qualities and self-esteem! 


A Girl Who Embraces Healthy Living


If you’re a youth leader, mother, aunt, father or anyone who has a direct influence on a girl age 12-17, this book is just for you. You can read this book with the special girl in your life or you can gift this book to for her to read alone or with a group of friends. This book is a great tool to create a book club at your school, church or recreation center. Remember that all girls rock and all girls deserve the tools that will assist them in learning how to love and embrace their uniqueness, their body, and their lives!

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