Option # 2 Facilitate Program

Option # 2 Facilitate Program



Have you experienced domestic violence, rape, or others traumas? 


Have you keep your pain and your trauma as secret?


Do ever feel trapped in your own mind and body?


Ready to become mentally, emotionally and physicall free?


If  you answered yes, it's time to start confessing your pain and start the healing process today. With Confessions of a Broken Daughter, you will go on a 12 week healing journey using the word of God to help you A.cknowledge the root of your pain, C.onfront this pain by speaking the truth about the pain and how it has hindered you and finally, you will T.ake Charge of your healing by refusing to stay stuck in your pain. You will create action-steps that will help you move forward towards emotional. spiritual and mental healing.


It's confession time. Are you ready? 


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