Don't Complicate It: Basic Nutrition and Healthy Eating Made Simple


Do you struggle with nutrition questions like how much protein do I consume? 


Are carbohydrates really bad for me? 


Should I cut out certain food groups to lose weight? 


Should I stop eating after 6 pm?


What should I eat before and after my workout? 


If you have ever been confused about healthy eating or felt fluttered with so many nutrition questions, join the crowd!


It’s no secret that eating healthy well-balanced meals can ward off chronic diseases, assist in reaching and maintaining healthy body weight and can provide the body with sustainable amounts of energy to live a quality life! 


With so many fad-diets and nutrition confusion on today's consumer market, some individuals throw in the towel and revert to old unhealthy eating habits! 


That is why we have written, Don’t Complicate. Our goal to make healthy eating SIMPLE and SUSTAINABLE with healthy lifestyle tips! 


Additionally, learn how healthy fats, saturated fats, and proper nutrition help you develop your healthy eating plan.


What will you learn by reading Don't Complicate It, Basic Nutrition and Healthy Eating Made Simple?


  • Why diets don’t work to develop healthy eating habits
  • How the body utilizes and processes carbohydrates, fats and proteins ( macro-nutrients)
  • How to identify daily caloric intake for weight loss for women and better overall health
  • How to read nutrition and food ingredient labels to ensure proper nutrition
  • Quick palette pleasing recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and so much more! 
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