Changing The Norm: A Black Woman's Guide To Eating, Feeling and Looking Her Best

Changing the Norm


Are you an African American woman with a family history of diabetes, heart disease or obesity and you're ready to change this "norm" and prevent these chronic illnesses in your life?


Has stress affected your emotional and physical well-being and you want to learn how to get back to a healthier version of yourself?


Is living up to the cultural norm of being a "Strong Black" woman affecting your mental and emotional health? 


Are you ready to stop allowing expensive hair care regimens to be your barrier to exercising? 


Are you ready to learn how to shop, prepare and cook healthy foods for your family on a budget? 


If you answered yes, Changing the Norm is the wellness book for you.

On the following pages, Fitness Olympian, Laticia “ Action” Jackson will teach you: 

-How to create a health-conscience environment for you and your family 


-How to acknowledge the signs and symptoms of heart disease and other

chronic diseases that disproportionately affect African-American women 


-Why diet pills, wraps and get fit quick solutions don’t work 


-How to shop, prepare and cook healthy culturally appealing meals 


-How to identify your body type and how it responds to exercise 


-How to ask for help in order to spend more time on yourself 


-Palate-pleasing recipes good for the soul 


-Total body curve defining exercises to be done at home or the gym


Don’t let unhealthy diet and stress from cultural norms drive poor health. Change your norm and take charge of your health today.


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