Balanced Fitness

Balanced Fitness


Are you tired of being confused about how to get toned and reach your fitness goals? 


Are you tired of spending hours in the gym seeing little to no results based on the reality that you don’t know how to train your body properly?


Are you tired of being intimidated to lift weights and you want to see results now?


If you answered yes, Balanced Fitness e-book is for you! 


Why Balanced Fitness?


For many women, the thought of beginning a fitness-training program is an exciting life-changing adventure, but often, this excitement gets replaced with frustration and confusion.


The feeling of frustration can be the result of not knowing where or how to start. With so many books on women’s fitness, some women are left feeling overwhelmed, confused and discouraged.


Have you ever felt this way? 


Balanced Fitness is a 41-page women’s fitness guide written by Fitness OLympian Laticia “ Action” Jackson that will teach you:


-How to identify your unique body type and how it responds to exercise


-How to track your fitness results by giving you a step-by-step process on how to set baseline fitness measurements 


-5 steps to become fit and sustain your fitness results


-Proper gym terminology that will educate, inform and teach you proper lifting techniques, warm-up protocols and stretches that will assist you in avoiding injuries


-Exercises to tone your entire body in or out the gym with little to minimum equipment and so much more!


If you’re ready to get more balanced with your fitness, Balanced Fitness


Women’s Fitness e-book is the book for you!


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