Uncomfortably Real:3-Tips To Confront What's Holding You Back

Have you ever heard yourself say?

I don’t have enough time…

I don’t have the right support system…

I don’t how to start the business…

Can I really do it?

And the list is extensive!

What is this list?

This a list of the narratives that goes on inside the minds of many women including myself on a regular basis! As women, we often convince ourselves that the time isn’t right to write that book, that our kids have to become a certain age before we build our business, that we need to lose more weight before going for a particular position and the list goes on!

Have you ever created these narratives in your mind? I have!

Here’s the truth, often behind our narratives is fear, doubt and limiting self-belief in ourselves!

Yes, we doubt our gifts, our power and our abilities to create the life we dream of. A life where we are financially rewarded for the knowledge we provide and the services we offer that change the lives of those around us!

Here’s another truth! You have the power to change what you say to yourself. A new narrative will be new results!

You change your old self-defeating narrative bye using the following 3-tips. These tips will help you A.C.T. ™ on moving past your fears!

Step 1). A. cknowledge Your Fear(s): Acknowledging why you’re fearful in a particular area is essential to getting past your fears. Therefore, in a journal, begin to list your fears in the area of personal growth that you desire. Be open, honest and transparent. You can’t change what you won’t acknowledge!

Step 2). C.onfront Your Fear(s): Once you have acknowledged your fears, it’s time to confront your fears. You can confront these fears by determining your facts instead of focusing on your feelings. Your feelings will always lie to you and tell you that you’re not smart enough, qualified enough or bold enough. Combat your feelings with facts. Identify areas in your past where you have helped on a project, coordinated an event, completed your degree etc. Your facts will help override your feelings.

Step 3). T.ake Charge: Once you have acknowledged and confronted your fears, it’s time to take charge. If you identified that you’re afraid to write a book based on the fact that you don’t know where to start. Begin looking for local writing groups or a writing coach. If you don’t have the finances to hire a writing coach, go to YouTube and find videos from authors who can provide you with valuable insight and tips.

Throughout this women’s empowerment and women’s leadership movement, you will often hear people telling you to be fearless. Although well meaning, telling women to be fearless can hinder them. Instead, I want to say, when the fear comes, confront it boldly and make sure you understand why you’re afraid and make the decision to be bold enough to do what you want to do in with the presence of fear! Stop wanting to be fearless to live the life you have always dreamed of!

Each month in our women’s personal development workshop Confidently U we provide you with action-steps needed to build your internal confidence. We believe competence builds confidence therefore, we look forward to seeing you in our next class!

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Laticia “Action” Jackson and The N-Powered Coaching Team


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