Goodbye Wasted Time: 5 Tips To Stay Productive, Not Busy

Is it just me or does it seem like the word “BUSY” gets a lot of attention in the lives of many women? When asked how we’re doing, often we respond by saying, “I’m fine, just busy!” Do you ever catch yourself using the word “BUSY” on a regular basis and feel like you wear it with a badge of honor?

I do and that is why I wanted to write this article!

Just like you I wear many hats, and at times my work-life-balance (balance isn't a bad word, it's all about individuality and what works for you) is off! However, last week I found myself repeatedly saying “I’m BUSY”, but when I did a daily and weekly assessment of what I was getting accomplished, I discovered a lot of my busy work wasn’t equally to productivity. In essence, I was expending time and not getting a return on my investment. This truth made me restructure my language and replace busy with productive. It also made me become more intentional about time and efforts.

I am all about N-powering women with the tools, resources and support they need to thrive, therefore I wanted to provide you with five tips to help you stay productive versus busy!

1). Limit Social Media Time: As a business or career woman, social media may be an essential part of your marketing plan or career development. Therefore, create an allotted amount of time to engage with social media. If you’re not careful, pretty little Jane’s new dress pictures and the latest gossip will get you distracted.

2). Do the Hard Tasks First: Create a daily to do list and list the most important and hardest task first. Once completed, check tasks off. By taking action and doing what has to be done relieves your mind to focus on smaller tasks.

3). Set Objectives: Know your “WHY” behind what you’re doing and have an objective (Ex. I am going to make 10 phone calls to prospective clients to determine their interest in my products and services). Make all actions intentional.

4). Take a Mental Break: Allow yourself at least 2 ten- minute breaks to step away from your project or task. By doing so you can rest your mind and return with clarity and get more accomplished.

5). Exercise for 30: Research shows performing 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise at least 5 days per week can yield great health benefits. Therefore, go for a walk or do body weight exercises if you work from home. Schedule yourself for at least 3 days on your calendar per week to exercise. If you can do more great!

As a woman on a mission to change the world around you, it is easy to get caught into the busyness trap, but by using these five tips you will be well on your way to becoming more productive and feeling more accomplished!

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