Modestly Mistaken: 5 Tips for Women To Brag and Self-Promote

From the time we are little girls, it is driven into our minds by our parents, culture and social norms that girls are to be nice, likable and kind to everyone. This includes being nice to the nagging little boy who likes you and shows his affections by punching you in the arm or throwing dirt in your hair.

The belief that we are to be modest, not brag or place too much attention on ourselves is driven into our minds on a consistent basis!

The problem?

Every little girl grows up to become a woman who must discover her true identity in a world that attempts to box her in with social norms and expectations. When she tries to share her accomplishments with the world, she’s told to be modest!

Has this ever happened to you?

It has happened to me way too many times to count and millions of other women too!

Therefore, as a bold woman who has worked hard to accomplish what you have accomplished, I want to give you permission to share with the world what you have accomplished. And for those of you who are on your path to discovering and using your voice to speak up for yourself by being brave enough to ask for what you want, need and desire, use these following tips to learn how to self-promote and brag on yourself !

Yes, I said brag!

Are you still with me?

Tip #1: Stop Playing Small: The next time you accomplish a personal goal, get promoted or reach a business milestone, share the good news with people who will celebrate you. Don’t downplay yourself and pretend it didn’t take effort, dedication and commitment to reach your milestone. You earned your right to be proud of yourself! Therefore, stop playing small and start bragging!

Tip # 2: Give Yourself a Compliment: The next time you turn in a project before your deadline, lose weight or reach a goal you set for yourself, don’t wait for someone else to compliment you. Instead, tell yourself how amazing you are. Too often women are waiting for other people to give them what they can give to themselves! What are you waiting for?

Tip# 3: Create a Brag File: Each time you accomplish something whether it is a new career certification, C.E.U., thank you card or flyer promoting your event, place it in a file labeled “My Accomplishments”. At least once a month, take time to go through your file to remind yourself of what you have accomplished. If you can’t first acknowledge your accomplishments, don’t expect that from other people!

Tip #4: Self-Promote: The fear of being pushy, bossy and overly confident often holds women back from promoting themselves inside and outside of their companies. Overcome this fear by getting to know leadership inside of your company and share new projects you are working on, milestones you have accomplished and share you’re looking for growth and opportunities to develop and use your skills. Use facts, data and don’t be afraid to be yourself. You’re enough!

Tip # 5 Take the Compliment: Being modest goes wrong when women refuse to accept a compliment. Therefore, the next time someone gives you a compliment, take it, say “ Thank You” and don’t dissect it!

You’re really that amazing! You just have to believe it!

In a world where women are on a quest for equal pay, a seat at the table and more leadership opportunities, it is important for women to allow themselves to be seen, heard and acknowledged for who they are and what they bring to the world and the workforce. Therefore, the next time you accomplish something, feel amazing about yourself or what to brag on yourself, go use these tips! It may feel awkward at first when you brag or compliment yourself. Don’t worry, the more you do it, the better at this you will become!

We want to hear your thoughts! Why do you think women are afraid to brag about themselves!

Let’s start the conversation!

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