From Pain To N-Powerment: The Power To Use Your Struggles To Walk In Your Power and Purpose

Life experiences, setbacks and challenges will either make you bitter or better. The power of this truth is that you get to choose. After a decision made out or fear and a desperate need to be loved, I married someone that almost took my life at the age of 29. At this time I was plagued by co-dependency issues, fear, anxiety and abandonment. My choice led me on a journey of healing, self-discovery and a path to understand God's purpose for my life.

Today I N-power others to use their pain to create their path towards their


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When done check out my new D.I.Y. program Confessions of a Broken Daughter. I found by owning my traumas and my truth helped me heal. It's my desire to the same for you!

Confessions of a Broken Daughter:

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Voted Exceptional Woman of Color in 2019 by Sac Cultural Hub, Voted Mental and Physical Health Advocate of The Year in 2017 By Delta Sigma Theta and Voted Best Personal Trainer on the Gulf Coast in 2016, Fitness Olympian, 13 X Author, Survivor of Domestic Violence, Women’s Health and Personal Development Expert, Laticia

“ Action” Jackson has been on a mission to transform communities, organizations and the lives of individuals one keynote, one workshop and book at a time.

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