Do You Believe? 3 Tips to Manifest Your Vision from Your Beliefs

I can remember the moment I realized I wanted to spend my life educating, inspiring and teaching women how to reach their life goals.

When I imagined what this would look like, I'd come alive from the inside out. I could see myself standing on stages as a keynote speaker, I saw myself writing on a white board teaching women the steps needed to accomplish a goal and I saw myself educating masses of women on the importance of being their best health advocates using wellness books written by my hands.

To date, I have accomplished each one of these visions and it all began with a belief. A belief that I could accomplish whatever I had the mindset, resources and desire to accomplish.

What about you?

What are you believing you can accomplish?

What have you imagined for your life?

It has been said you have to “see” it in order to believe it. Although this is a well meaning sentiment, I’d like to encourage you to rethink this notion. Instead of “seeing” it to believe it, I want to encourage you to “believe” it in order to “see” it!

Yes, having a vision for your life, career and business is important, however, it’s hard to manifest something you don’t believe in.

This year, get ahead of your goals by using the following tips to manifest your beliefs.

Tip 1: Examine Your Environment:

Examine your environment and determine if the people you’re surrounded by support your beliefs and dreams. Being in an unsupported environment can affect your self-beliefs and how you see yourself.

Tip 2: Listen To What You’re Saying

Your words are very powerful, therefore be careful not to speak words of disbelief to yourself such as, “ I will never write that book”. Your words attract actions and behaviors.

Tip 3: Don’t Get Visually Sidetracked

Don’t allow what you can’t see to stop your belief. Your visual perspective can hinder your dreams and goals. Despite how long it may take you to get to where you want to go, even when you don’t see things changing, keep believing in yourself and keep creating daily, weekly and monthly action-steps to get you to where you want to be.

Let’s be honest, going after any goal in life is a challenge. Therefore, on the way to reaching your dreams and goals it’s essential that you don’t let go of the belief in your gifts, dreams and talents.

Find great mentors, cheerleaders and ambassadors on the way who believe in what you're aiming to accomplish. Set realistic daily, weekly and monthly goals and don’t look back.

The world needs what you bring to it, but you will never manifest your offerings to the world if you don’t believe you have great things to offer!

Here’s to you believing in you!

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