Do It Afraid: Five Tips to Help Women Overcome Their Fears

It's Time To See Beyond Your Fears

In today’s women’s empowerment and women’s leadership movement, women often hear the sentiment “Be Fearless.” In more ways than one, this well-meaning sentiment can hinder women from moving forward in women leadership roles, business endeavors and career changes.

Here’s the reality!

Fear is something every woman has and will face at some point of time in her personal and professional life. Yes, the women you admire, those who hold women’s leadership positions, are politicians or sit in the C-Suite of Fortune 500 companies deal with their own fears.

Therefore, we’re going to humanize fear and help you emancipate yourself from the concept of being “fearless” by giving you five tips to handle fear when it knocks at your door.

Women Can Empower Each Other By Sharing Their Fears

Tip 1: Acknowledge the Source: Fear is often a result of past fearful experiences, negative environments and un-supportive individuals. Therefore, acknowledge the source(s) of your fear (s).

Tip 2: Confront Your Narratives: Once you acknowledge the source(s) of your fear, confront these fears and understand your narratives around these fears. Are you creating stories that don’t serve you?

Tip 3: Take Action: After confronting your fear(s) take action and responsibility to start making changes to move forward beyond your fears.

Tip 4: Share Your Fear: Contact someone in your tribe and share the fears you discovered. Sharing frees you up from the image of perfection or having it all together.

Tip 5: Get an Accountability Partner: Share your action-steps to move forward and have someone you trust hold you accountable for doing the work.

Together Women Can Face Our Fears and Thrive

As you continue to thrive in this women’s empowerment movement, don’t lose site of the journey of overcoming your fears, doubts and negative belief systems. To continuously move forward, create weekly goals with action-oriented steps and give yourself grace when you don’t feel fearless. You’re not alone! All women feel fear, we often just don’t share our fears with each other!

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