Are You Relevant? 3 Ways to Stay Marketable in Uncertain Times

Staying Up to Date with Local and Global News Can Help You Remain Marketable

At a time when the world is in an uproar, we can either see the COVID-19 pandemic as a setback or a setup.

What do I mean?

Before our world was placed on pause by a global pandemic, many of us longed for the time to work on reading a new book, writing our own book, or taking that online class that we needed to help us get the promotion we have been longing for.

The barrier?


When things were “normal”, we spent a majority of our day commuting to work and for many of us, we spent over 40 hours or more devoted to being inside of an office. Currently most work is done remotely from home. Long commutes and hours of sitting in an office have been placed on hold for an indefinite period of time.

Therefore, what better time than now to ask ourselves the question “Am I Relevant”. As technology changes the way we communicate with the global world and run businesses online, we all have been forced to think about what will keep us relevant through COVID-19 and beyond.

Therefore, use the following 3-tips to ensure you remain relevant and marketable.

Tip # 1 Do a Tech Audit:

For many, technology can be intimidating. Don’t allow this intimidation to keep you from learning how to use social media and other digital ways to communicate. Technology opens opportunities for personal and professional growth. Whether it’s Zoom, Facebook Live or Youtube, choose one social platform and learn how to effectively use it.

Tip # 2 Take an Online Class

Take an honest assessment of your current professional skills and determine what skills-sets you need to learn to allow yourself to evolve with the ever changing business and market-place around you. From there invest in an online class that will teach you this particular skill. If you can get continuing education credits,m opt for classes that provide this opportunity.

Tip # 3 Stay Current On Local and Global News

Whether it’s the Presidential Election or any other topic, it is important to stay up to date on world and local news around you. This will not only allow you to offer more to conversations, it will also give you insights into market and business trends where you may find new ways to leverage your education, expertise and background.

One thing will always remain the same and that’s change. As the world around you continues to change, always ask yourself if you’re relevant. If this answer is no, it’s time to strategically create a plan to learn new skills and ways to market yourself.

Are you looking to make a new business or career change and need clarity on what new skills you need to remain relevant? If you are, we’re here to help you. Invest in yourself and book a career strategy session today. We’re here to help N-power you!

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