Ready to Walk In Your Purpose, Power and Position Today? 

Can you imagine what your life would look like if you weren't holding yourself back from walking into your true power, position and purpose?

Can you imagine no longer struggling with limiting self-beliefs that tell you you're not good enough and you’ll never be good enough? 


Can you imagine not allowing the fear of failure to hold you back from thriving in all aspects of your life?

Can you imagine feeling free to let go of hurts from your past? 


If you answered yes, I want to tell you something amazing! 


You Don’t Have To Imagine Any Longer…


You CAN Walk In Purpose, Power and Position Today!


I did and you can too!  


Seems too real to be true? 


It isn’t!

Why Did I Create this Program?

Once I Was...

Fearful of failure and felt I needed the approval of others to move forward and succeed...

Unsure of my voice and how I wanted to impact the world...

Held bound  and captive by the mistakes of my past and the shame of domestic abuse…

Hurting on the inside racked with feelings of rejection and abandonment...


Today I Am…

Free from negative voices that tell me I am not enough or too much...

No longer seeking the approval of others and able to confront fear when it tells me I can’t live out my divine passion and purpose...

Purposefully respecting my voice to better the lives of women and girls around the world...

Free from settling for personal or professional relationships that don’t satisfy or add to my life...

There is no secret……


The power to live a life where I thrived mentally, emotionally and physically was always within me and the same power to live this life is within you too...


However, the first step to getting you to the next level in your life is to believe you have the power to change things in your life that no longer serve you. 

This change process doesn’t start with “seeing” change happen, it all starts with “believing” you're worth making positive changes for yourself and this program is the road map to get you there…

And Here’s the Secret!

What Can You Expect From This Program? 

N-Powered to the Next Level is a 6-week D.I.Y. audio program designed to take a holistic approach to helping you find your power, position and purpose in life.

Each week you will focus on an personal development topic and journal your way to discover solutions that are hidden within yourself to create a life where you not only exist, but thrive.

This program will help you realize, you will never change what you choose not to confront. And you can never move forward while constantly looking back. 


Therefore, it’s time to move to the next level of your life.


Are you READY?

What Items are Included with This Program? 

What Will You Learn Each Week? 

After Completing this Program You Will Have the Power To... 

Identifying the root causes of your negative self-talk and limiting self-beliefs that prevent you from igniting the fire and power from within yourself. 

Confront the fears that hold you back from moving forward and thriving in all areas of your life.

Learn how to use your voice to ask for what you need, want and desire without apologizing for it.

Discover how to increase your level of expectation from your personal and professional life.

Understand how to set personal and professional boundaries that will build your confidence to go to the next level of N-Powerment!

You're Worth Becoming What You Desire To Become!

Get ready to go to the next level of life where you have the confidence, competence and courage to embrace whatever life brings your way!

Investment: $399.97

N-Powered to The Next Level


What are Women Saying About How Action Helped Them ?

"Her message is explosively powerful and if you weren’t in a good mood before walking into her workshop – you certainly were when you walked out. She is absolutely amazing! I am booking her for our women’s event next year."

D. Kendust Fort Walton Beach Medical Center

“Action Jackson has an uncanny ability to make anyone feel comfortable, confident, and ready to take on any challenge!"

O. Hernazdez Microsoft

"Seeing the participants faces light up, is a strong representation of how contagious Action Jackson's presence is and the impact she has on reminding women of their worth"

Lt. Loss United States Navy

About Program Creator 

Dynamic, energetic and transparent are the words often used to describe Fitness Olympian, Survivor of Domestic Violence, 11 x Author, U.S.A.F. Veteran, Globally Recognized Health and Personal Development Expert, Transformational Speaker, CEO of N-Powered Coaching Academy and creator of Courageous Xpressions Women’s N-Powerment Product Line, Laticia “Action” Jackson.


You will often find her featured on TV stations such as NBC News, Seattle’s King 5, WEAR Channel 3, WSRE, Blab TV, CW 31, ABC 10, FOX 40 and other TV stations where she provides insights, education and coaching for women and girls to help them overcome social, physical and cultural barriers. Her influence in the health and wellness space has led her to being featured in over 30 health and fitness magazines such as Oxygen Fitness Magazine Australia, Muscle and Fitness Hers, Flex, Muscular Development and numerous more where she teaches women how to leverage being fit as their best business, life and career asset.


Her signature keynote presentation, “Tapping into Your Power from With-N” has been delivered at Microsoft, The Women’s Business Center, on military bases across the United States, on college campuses, at women’s business conferences and in places where the message self-identity, resilience and self-awareness are needed. Action Jackson is a woman on a mission to change the world around her one presentation, one program and one workshop at a time! Learn more about Action Jackson on her website at