N-PowerHER Millennial

Today's millennial woman is ambitious, innovative, tech-savvy and determined to live an aspiring life.

She believes in creating work that's socially conscious and connected to a greater cause.


At the same time, today's millennial woman is feeling the pressure to lean in and have it all. 


This external and internal pressure can lead to chronic stress, anxiety and a lack of clarity on personal and professional decisions. 


That's why we created N-PowerHER Millennial Leadership Academy.


N-PowerHER Millennial Leadership Program provides millennial women with tools to build internal confidence to use their voice to ask for what they need, want and desire.  Our program teaches millennial women how to create and find work that fulfills their internal passions and we help millennial women create work-life balance. 


Our focus is to help millennial women succeed and thrive beyond social and cultural pressures. …







Slow Down You'll Get There


This workshop/class teaches millennial women how to identify social and cultural pressures that led them to making rushed career and personal decisions. We provide real-world solutions to help millennial women to stop the comparison game, we teach millennial women how to be present and how to enjoy the process of personal growth and career development. 



Speak Up, Speak Out


This workshop/class teaches millennial women there's no power in silience. Therefore, we teach how to define, develop and use their voice to ask for what they want, need and desire in their personal and professional life.  In this workshop we teach millennial women that  how to negotiate, how to network and how to take ownership of their power. 



Holistically You


In this workshop/class teaches millennial women work-life balance and the importance of good mental, emotional and physical health. We teach millennial women how to set personal and professional boundaries, how to use exercise for stress management and how to fuel creative brain power with healthy nutrition. 

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