Healthy Balanced You


Balanced Wellness for Working Woman

-Do you ever feel overworked, overwhelmed and over-committed?

-Have you gained stubborn body fat from a lack of exercise and long periods of sitting at a desk?


-Do you experience high levels of stress and it's affecting your overall health?

-Are you tired of saying "yes' to things when you really want to say "no" but you don't know how to set personal and professional boundaries? 

-Are you ready to feel more energized, mentally focused and excited about your life again?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, Healthy Balanced You (Tm) 6-week wellness program is for you! 

What Will You Learn? 

Healthy Balanced You is a 6-week D.I.Y program designed to provide working women like yourself with the tools, support and knowledge to learn:


-How to not be afraid to clearly ask for what you want, need and desire in your personal and professional life...

-How to set personal and professional boundaries that make more time for self-care...


-How to refresh, rejuvenate and recharge your career by getting clear on what you desire from your professional work...


-How to tap into your inner power and stop playing small...


-How to identify the areas of your life and career that are out of balance...

-How to love the body you in and how to fuel it properly with the right foods, exercise and stress management...

How Does Program Work? 

After making your purchase, you will receive access to all program files in a zip file. This is a D.I.Y. program, therefore, work at your pace and learn when you have the time. Creating balance is all about your personal perspective, your needs and your goals. 

Program Includes:


-Weekly Program Modules:

Each weekly module provides you with designated reading and activities to complete.  

Download these modules on your kindle or print off at your discretion. 


Week 1: Module 1:

Overworked, Overwhelmed and Over-committed 

Week 2: Module 2:

How Balanced Are You? 

Week 3 : Module 3: 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Week 4: Module 4: 

Refocus, Rejuvenate, Redefine

Week 5 : Module 5: 

Uncharted Waters: Stop Playing Small

Week 6: Module 6: 

Self-Care and You



You will receive weekly designated audio that will guide you through what to expect for each weeks readings and activities. Download all audio files and then, go for a walk or grab a cup of coffee and listen away!



You will receive designated weekly affirmations that will inspire. affirm and motivate you. You can memorize or print out these affirmations and place somewhere to see them ona consistent basis.


Community Facebook Group: 


We believe in power of women and community. Therefore, we have provided you with a community of women who desire more balance in their personal and professional life. Share what you're learning about yourself, get support and learn new ways to create balance in your life from like minded-women!  

What are Program Benefits? 

-After completing Healthy Balanced You, you will have the confidence to ask for what you need without being apologetic...

-You will have a clearer understanding of your stress triggers and how to react instead of respond to situations.

-You will learn the importance of making yourself your best business, life and career asset


- You will learn how playing small can affect your health and so much more! 

You are and will always be worth the time, resources and investment required to become your most balanced and holistically well you! 

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