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It's Time To N-Power Your Life FORWARD!

-Are you ready to activate your power from with-N yourself to show up more confident, prepared, competent and relevant in your personal and professional life? 

-Are you tired of sitting at meetings not speaking up or not knowing how to share your valuable insights, perspectives and thoughts?

-Are you done being mentally, emotionally and physically fatigue using coffee as your daily energy booster and you desire to learn the tools necessary to stay well and leverage your health as your best personal and professional asset? 

-Do you want to create more balance in your life by moving from the concept of being busy into the concept of being productive ?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this 8-week online group coaching program is for you!


​Why N-PowerHER Forward? 

This 8-week online program will provide you with relevant personal and professional development skill-sets needed to:

1). Build Resilience and Overcome Professional and Personal Barriers

2). Increase Confidence Through Competence and Continuous Learning

3). Learn How To Make  Your Health and Wellness Your Best Business and Career Asset

4). Network and Build Beneficial and Purposeful Relationships

5). Speak Up in an Active Versus Passive Voice to Convey Your Influence and so much more… 


How Does the Program Work?

N-PowerHER Forward was designed to focus on one subject matter per week. After you enroll in program, you will download all program documents. From there, there will be a virtual launch. After the virtual launch, you will meet with your coach and group via Facebook Live one time per week at a designated time. 

How Is Program Structured?


N-PowerHER Foward is broken down into 2 modules. Each module is broken down into two main focus areas which are personal development and personal development. 

Module 1 Personal Development Focused:  This module includes weeks 1-4. These weeks will focus on providing you with relevant personal development activities and insights to help you build strength in the designated key focus areas of this part of the program.  

Module 2 Professional Development Focused: This module includes weeks 5-8. These weeks will focus on providing you with relevant professional development activities and insights to help you build strength in the designated key areas of this part of the program.  

Module 1: Personal Development Focused Weeks 1-4


Week 1: Resiliently U

Learn the importance of resilience and how to leverage set-backs, barriers and fears to grow internal strength needed to advance your personal and professional life. 


Week 2: Confidently  U

Identifying social, individual or cultural barriers that are preventing you from developing confidence. From there you will be provided with action-steps to overcome these barriers through competence development through continuous learning. 

Week 3:  Healthy Balanced U

Discover how to leverage your health as your best personal and professional asset by learning how to eat healthier, exercise more, stress less and sleep better. 


Week 4: Define Your Who, Excel Your What

Discover how to separate “who” you are from “what” you by identifying unique individuals qualities, traits and personal assets that help you bring more value to the marketplace, your career and your personal life. 


Module Two: Professional Development Focused Weeks 5-8

Week 5: NetworkHER

Discover how to intentionally network based on your personality, career field and geographical location to build personal and professional relationships that can benefit your career, business and personal life. 


Week 6: Brand Me

Discover your unique personal value proposition and identify what you bring to the workplace and marketplace. Being able to sell yourself is key to business and career growth now and in the future. 

Week 7: Command Your Space with Active Communication 

Learn how to use active versus passive words to build authority, establish expertise, communicate clearly and take your position as a leader. 

Week 8: From Busy to Productive

Learn the skills needed for time management, delegation and task ownership to help you become more organized in your career, business and personal life. 

Accountability:  You are not alone in this program. In our private Facebook group you will connect with other like-minded women who are currently working in your coaching group or have already been through this online coaching program. In this community you will find support, resources and tools to help you grow both personally and professionally. We are better together than we a part. 


What is the Length of Program?

8 Weeks Online



What’s The Investment? 

Contact Us For Pricing 

Our next 8-week cycle starts in April. Contact Us Today to Learn More! We offer this program to organizations who invest in women's personal development.