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Do It Yourself Fitness Program

Why spend hours in the gym when you can get in and out with Fit N 5 D.I.Y. Fitness Program?  


Why Fit N 5? 

The goal of Fit N 5 is simple! 5 exercises, 1-minute each exercise, 5 rounds! This way of exercising will boost your metabolic rate and heart rate!


This means in and out and a torched metabolism in 25 minutes! 

Fitness Program Includes:

  • Fit N 5 Program Guide

  • Fit N 5 Exercise Guide

  • Fit N 5 Fitness Tracking Sheet

  • Fit N 5 private Facebook Group 

What are the Benefits of This Program?


After using this online fitness program, you will have more energy, see a more toned body and save more time for yourself! 

Get in and get out with Fit N 5!