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Changing the Norm


Diabetes, Heart Disease & Hypertension Doesn't Have To Be Your Norm!

You have the power to become your best health and wellness advocate and stop chronic diseases from affecting you!

You can accomplish this with CTN wellness programs! 

In this 6-week interactive online, in-person or group wellness program you will:

  • Discover how to identify stress and emotional triggers that affect your health

  • Learn how to make healthier lifestyle changes 

  • Learn how to read food and nutrition ingredient labels

  • Learn how to eat and shop healthy on a budget

  • Learn the signs and symptoms of heart disease and other chronic illnesses

  • Learn how to exercise safely to shed unwanted pounds at home

  • Learn how to recognize cultural mindsets like the  "Strong Black Woman Syndrome" that affect your mental health and so much more! 

What are The Benefits of This Program? 

After completing this women's empowerment program you will have the awareness, education, and knowledge on how to eat, feel and look your best by learning healthy lifestyle behavior changes, stress management tools and healthy nutrition and exercise practices.

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