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Welcome to N-Powered Coaching Academy! A little about us! We’re an unapologetically bold female focused organization dedicated to providing women with relevant wellness, career and personal development resources and education to help women overcome social, cultural and physical barriers that prevent them from thriving in life. 






What’s Our Mission?

Our mission is to help women ignite their power from with-N to lead and build lives and careers they are proud of. Therefore, we are committed to using our online programs, books, workshops, speaking engagements and coaching services to help build a generation of N-powered women. We offer our services in-person and online.

What's N-Powerment (N).

The courage to activate one's internal power to overcome life's obstacles and thrive in the face of adversity!


How Can We N-Power Your Organization? 

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What Are Others Saying?

"Seeing the participants faces light up, is a strong representation of how contagious Action Jackson's presence is and the impact she has on reminding women of their worth"

LT. J.Loos US Navy 

"Her willingness to share her personal journey allowed many of the attendees at our event to feel comfortable sharing their own story. Action Jackson has an uncanny ability to make anyone feel comfortable, confident, and ready to take on any challenge!"

O. Hernazdez Microsoft

"It was one of the best wellness workshops I’ve ever attended, and purchasing Goodbye Skinny, made me feel like I was taking my own personal trainer home. “Highly recommended  for women of all ages and sizes!"


"As a woman who's reached a high level of success, Action  beautifully illustrates the importance of understanding "Who We Are" and having the ability to contrast the "who" I am" from the "what I do."

M. Rose-Thorpe

American Air

"The class was  dynamic and inspiring!  Action is on point with a concise plan to start each day for healthy living.    I am inspired to be a better me. Thank you, Action Jackson!"

L. Lourdes

"Her message is explosively powerful and if you weren’t in a good mood before walking into her workshop – you certainly were when you walked out. She is absolutely amazing! I am booking her for our women’s event next year."

D. Kendust

Fort Walton Beach Medical Center

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